Stylesilk, fabrics for fashion

Our company creates unique and exclusive products to meet the needs of internationally established stylists and fashion houses. We design fabrics and prints for Haute Couture and Prêt-à-Porter that reflect the latest tastes and trends, and that can be customized in close collaboration with our customers.

Stylesilk’s versatility and approach to market challenges have earned us the trust of important fashion names both in Italy and abroad.

Who we are: a young but
expert team

Stylesilk was founded with creativity and passion. The team is made up of high-level professionals with extensive experience in various areas of the high fashion sector: management, design and printing technologies & techniques.

The company incorporates the talent and tradition of Como for creating of distinct fabrics, together with English know-how. The result is a dynamic and visionary service, capable of responding flawlessly to the demands of the fashion world.

Our Mission

Stylesilk focuses on a niche market that demands unique and exclusive quality products, that are differentiated from the fabrics offered by other companies.

This is why our company has made flexibility its strong point. Thanks to our expert team, that embraces and interprets the ideas and needs of international customers, we are able to create products that are renewed every season – or upon specific request of the client.

The entire production of Stylesilk takes place in the Como headquarters. Here there are plotters and machinery capable of creating real works of art through different embroidery and printing techniques – and above all our highly specialized team that takes care of every phase of the production with attention and professionalism.

We use high quality raw materials, in particular natural fibres such as silk or intimate blend, which allow the creation of different bases and special effects. In order to create increasingly innovative products that respect the environment, we focus on technological innovation and investment in R&D.


Stylesilk was created by Alessandro Geloso Grosso, an entrepreneur from Como who has travelled all over the world since his youth, taking part in fashion shows and collaborating with big international brands.

His passion for the sector grew more and more, pushing him to look for partners to give life to a new project with a its heart in Como and a global reach.

From the beginning, the company has collaborated with the best style agencies, with the skilled internal designers developing their custom projects. This allows the creation of a sample collection that is renewed every season: the ideal starting point for creating unique pieces in synergy with the end customer.

Using careful market analysis and the ability to quickly adapt to the most current trends, Stylesilk has become internationally renowned, particularly in Europe, America and Asia.

Representative offices are located in London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, to coordinate the customer network in neighbouring countries together with the sales team.